New House in Tayport – Planning Approval Granted

New House in Tayport – Planning Approval Granted

We have been formally notified that the design for a new house that we submitted for Planning Approval in Tayport with Fife Council has been Approved.

With this application, we had a neighbour who consistently opposed the development and made a number of representations in an attempt to stifle it. While the representations were without merit, we still worked hand in glove with the Planning Case Officer to ensure that our proposal addressed each and every representation to ensure that the design could be approved. Bravo Fife Council, bravo.

The design is on two levels with the principal living areas on the upper floor to allow the magnificent views west towards the Tay Estuary.

The rear of the house faces west and so the open plan also allows the evening light to be enjoyed when sheltered from the prevailing elements.

The house is finished with a blend of modern and traditional areas to reflect the vernacular of the site’s surroundings, and also our clients modern tastes.