3D Visuals

At Brunton Design Studio we work with our clients to produce 3D visuals of their properties and on-going projects.

Royal Arch Park

We have prepared this video of a holiday park development for one of our clients for their marketing purposes.

Country House by the Sea

Another week of detailing and refining for our design for a new Country House by the sea in Angus. We have prepared an animated walk through of the proposal and have met with our client to discuss progress. Our clients are delighted with the way that it is shaping up…

House in Monikie

We have designed this simple “House in the Countryside”. By taking inspiration from a mixture of the ‘agricultural barn’ and the ‘tradition house’ for massing and materials aesthetic. We are using ecological materials, mixed with traditional white render and local Denfind Stone. Internally there are a series of interlocking flexible volumes to give the impression of space. Our clients love the design and really appreciate the way we can demonstrate our proposals through 3D visualisations so that they know exactly what it is that they are getting.

Business Unit Dundee

In order to get the message across to the local Planning Authority as vividly as possible, we have prepared this short video showing an extension to existing Listed building that is being extended in Dundee. We have found that in some cases Local Authority operatives are simply unable to envisage what it is that we are trying to achieve. This can often be said of our clients and consultants, but when a project hits the skids at this embryonic stage it is very frustrating and development can be compromised. We hope that by investing and using this type of software to enhance our presentation that we can get these guys on board sooner.