Alterations and Extension to house in Angus

Alterations and Extension to house in Angus

Project Description

We have designed this alteration and extension to a single storey house in Angus.

Our clients approached us after purchasing the property with a view to altering and extending it to accommodate them and their large family.  The house that they had purchased had been subject to an extraordinary alteration in the past that has resulted in a irregular floor plan that appeared to be in a  “butchered star shape” form.  We think someone had tried to be an Architect when they clearly weren’t.

Our proposal is to extend out and to try and rationalise the complex geography of the house that has been inherited.  By filling the angular wedge shape with a new stair and cover it with glass, this allowed the geometry to settle itself again whilst not appearing to be odds with the existing angles.

The new accommodation comprises a new bedroom, an office, a “gallery” and a new upper floor master suite.  We have also re-modeled the internal spaces to provide a centrally located circular kitchen that has visual links to two public rooms and proposed to remove an existing decrepit conservatory and creating a proper habitable “garden room” instead.